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Physio’s recommend Epsom Salts

Why Physiotherapists recommend Epsom salts


Named after the saline spring in Surrey, England, where this compound was first discovered in early 17th century, Epsom salts are widely acknowledged as a natural, at-home remedy for a number of ailments. Physiotherapists, in particular, recommend them to patients because of their noteworthy impact on injury recovery, as well as on maintaining our overall well-being.


Magnesium deficiency

An often unacknowledged downside of modern living is the nutritional content of the food we buy. This is not necessarily related to healthy versus indulgence eating, but rather to the raw materials that go into our food, namely the legumes, vegetables, dairy, and meat. The fact of the matter is that industrial agriculture has made it so that yield, rather than quality, is maximized at whatever costs. For this reason, we sometimes receive unripe or tasteless produce at our local retailers. The intense rhythm of this kind of harvesting also depletes the soil of crucial nutrients and minerals plants often rely on.

One such compound is magnesium. Already, the average U.S. citizen is known to be magnesium deficient due to overall fewer nutrients in the food currently available. Lacking this crucial mineral can be just as impactful as low iron or calcium, because it affects numerous systems in human physiology, including the process of inflammation, nerve and circulatory function, mood, headaches, use of oxygen, but also joint and muscle health. As a natural stress reliever, magnesium is also drained by the intense rhythm of today’s lifestyle. If not replenished, patients often experience a vicious circle of physical and mental stress that can snowball into even more complex issues. This is where Epsom salts can be most useful. Soaking for at least 15 minutes in a full bath-tub with two cups’ worth of dissolved Epsom salts is believed to help magnesium deficiency.


Using Epsom salts for recovery


The most inconvenient of times when mineral deficiencies make themselves apparent is when we need our bodies the most: during moderate or intense physical activity. Athletes, particularly those who engage in endurance sports, with insufficient magnesium in their system will experience more muscle pain and cramps than usual due to a lack of adequate inflammatory responses and electrolytes. Although they may be made instantly aware of such consequences by a professional medical team, this is rarely the case for everyone else. As such, physiotherapists highly recommend bathing in Epsom salts in order to ensure patients’ organisms have the prerequisites needed for a speedy and thorough recovery.

There is nothing more worrisome than a recurring injury, as it will cause even more damage in addition to its impact on confidence and morale. Physios will often advise you to keep some of the compound around and soak in a bath salt at least once a week. Some have taken this practice to a whole new level by creating aromatic mixtures of Epsom salts and essential oils in order to deliver a bath experience quite similar to a luxurious spa treatment. How you do it is entirely up to you!


Oral supplementation is also a facile way to supply your body with more magnesium, but nutrient malabsorption or digestive issues can hamper this process. Consequently, Epsom salts, which you can buy online at KG Physio, as well as at other approved vendors, can speed up the process of replenishing your mineral stores, get you on the fast track to a speedy recovery, and lower the frequency of muscle swelling and cramps.

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